On Most Eligible Dallas, resident villainess Courtney Kerr rocks her hair in one of two ways. And now it’s time to decide which you like better.

Do you like her hair down and wavy? Or do you like her hair pulled back with a poof on top?

How to Get Courtney Kerr Hair

Version A: Part hair in the middle. Make sure it is completely dry. Use a curling iron, take sections (leaving at least two inches at the bottom loose – not wrapped around the curler) and alternate twisting towards your head for one section and then twisting away from your head for the next section. This gives a very nice, casual wave. The pieces towards your face should always be curled towards your face. When you’re finished, separate the pieces as needed, fluff, and then apply hair spray. Courtney’s hair has highlights, which is another reason this looks so good on her.

Version B: Invest in no-slip elastic hair bands. Grab your hair in a low pony and push it forward towards your scalp as you secure the ponytail with a hair band. If it’s a slippery kind without the rubber backing, it’ll start falling and the poof will never last. For the ponytail version, tease some height in the upper back, and spray everything. Courtney also sometimes puts her hair in a low bun. If you’d like an even more authentic poof you can first turn your hair upside down and tease the front section near your forehead. But when you are arranging your hair you’ll have to take care to lightly comb and smooth the front so it looks tidy.