In Gossip Girl “The Townie” we had two major revelations that are still occupying my mind.

gossip girl the townie

First off, there’s no way to ignore how evil Lilly suddenly seems (with the selling of Bass Industries, and sacrificing a man’s life so Serena could go to Constance.) I mean, there’s making mistakes and then there’s downright (habitual) selfish behavior. Who knew Lilly could turn out to be the most wicked of all Gossip Girl characters?

By the end of “The Townie” it sure seems like fans might get their “Dair” wish, with Dan and Blair hooking up. Is their love/hate relationship different enough to rival the Chuck and Blair former pairing? Would fans enjoy it at all? Could this show get any more incestuous in terms of everyone dating each other? (Seriously, you’d think that New York City was the smallest place in the world if you based your knowledge on Gossip Girl.)

Is season 4 when we’ll finally see the impossible (Dan/Blair) happen? Yay or nay? Sound off in the comments, and we’ll hope the writers are paying attention.

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