The face might be funny, but the music is good. Why complain?

The face might be funny, but the music is good. Why complain?

I’m considerably  irked by Gawker for turning John Mayer‘s humor into a far too serious slant on him being “rapey” with “rapey interview quotes” and having a “rapey guitarface”. They’ve mistaken “rapey” with “having a sense of humor”. And no, he hasn’t joked about raping women at all. Like I said, it’s a slant.

The  writer digs at the faces he makes when playing guitar. Would they similarly attack Tori Amos for not only doing the same thing, but for sometimes spitting as she sings? Maybe it’s not the most graceful thing to do, but these are REAL musicians with talent and they aren’t going to pose like Britney Spears and worry more about their bedazzled nipple rings than their actual music.

The Gawker piece on Mayer uses a video from the movie Bill Durham and asks that Mayer “stick to the press lines” (read: cliche answers). How could anyone suggest that “sticking to the press lines” is the best course of action unless you’re in court and trying to beat a murder rap? That’s just bad journalism. And its asks people to be inauthentic. And BORING. You want us to have lots of safe “by the book” quotes? Think we’ll pass on THAT, and applaude Mr. Mayer for being one of the few celebrities in Hollywood that aren’t afraid to be themselves – oddball faces and all.

To address quotes John says, sometimes if you take even a full quote and don’t address that he said it with sarcasm, or what was asked beforehand – the quote can seem really off-the-wall. And it’s especially hard for anyone to like John if they take everything so seriously – Mayer jokes around a hell of a lot. This is the guy who plays pranks and wears bear costumes outside of his concerts.


Sometimes you need to see someone out of their element, doing something completely new to appreciate their talent. When people say that John Mayer just writes dumb love songs and isn’t talented…(and they inevitably will) just show them this clip of him shredding the guitar with Jay Z:

Jezebel compares John Mayers “Sex” Faces

Mayer posted a tweet once about his “O” Face It said: “I’ve been experimenting with trying to cut out the guitar face while playing but I just don’t think it will ever be a reality. Whoops.”