He dropped the falsetto, and won us over! Garrett Gardner made an iconic song by John Lennon into his own on The Voice season 4.

garrett gardner

Garrett Gardner

He has a signature sound with rasps and growls, and Shakira wanted him to sing it as a rock anthem.

He sat at a piano, and really did have a toned down rocker look to him. Not quite Coldplay-ish, but … you know. He’s got a gritty edge to him.

When he sang “no religion, too” it was….the best moment of the song.

Adam Levine said it was his favorite song of all time, but it’s his least favorite song for other’s to cover. But he said he did like seeing a new side of Garrett. He also said he thinks he deserves to be here, and his a fan of his voice.


“He’s kind of a hearthrob. …There’s also a beast, that comes out. I love that part of your voice, too. You’re the complete package.” – Blake Shelton

Garrett Gardner Imagine Video

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