The following Games of Thrones spoilers are for season 2 episode 2 and season 2 episode 3.

Which of the new Game of Thrones characters can we expect to see soon?

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Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and Margaery Tyrell (Natlie Dormer) make their first appearance in Game of Thrones season 2 episode 3. You’ll continue to see the Greyjoy family, and they’ll be making some strong claims.

We all know Game of Thrones has nudity. Who’s getting naked next?

*a**** ****** gets a little bit naked for several l minutes in an upcoming episode. We joke that it could be one of the above, but we think you’re smarter than to think that’s who we mean here.

Is Ned Stark forgotten?

Never. Arya, Sansa, Lady Stark… everyone mentions him. Although Sansa will continue to be forced to mention him in poor light. And Tyrion, he just doesn’t want to end up like him. Interestingly, a riddle in episode 3 explores who really was responsible for Ned Starks death.

What about Arya? What is up with her?

Arya doesn’t have to do battle to save several lives. But after another major blow, she’ll be more or less on her own. And not everyone is so blind when it comes to her…

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