Silence. It speaketh the loudest.

Khalessi. Photo: HBO

Our fearless Khalessi. Photo: HBO

Whether watching countless failed attempts to light a funeral pyre, spotting Jaime and Brienne exchange  significant looks, or watching a group assemble and pick seating placements… some of the best scenes from “Walk of Punishment” were all about the nonverbal action.

You’ve seen the episode by now, a recap feels pointless. Instead, I want to review some key points and ask a few questions.

Excuse me for starting off with this, but when it came to the chopped up horses I had a couple questions. Were there only horse heads there, or were the other parts simply arranged farther out? Additionally, did anyone else find out odd that the group would only stop once they were dead center in the middle of the massacre? For filming purposes it gave the greatest impact, but I found myself wondering how long I’d wade through deceased horse parts before I stopped to ask some questions of my friends.

robb stark

Robb Stark does not turn into a wolf on full moons. But you should see him before his coffee. Photo: HBO

Are we certain Podtrick did have  sex with the women at the brothel? The options are limited. Either he did nothing, or at least only pleasured them… or he really was so good the whores didn’t think he should have to pay for his talented contribution to their day. I feel more inclined to believe in the former.

Theon Greyjoy is being painted in an awfully heroic light, isn’t he? Right down to the white horse.

Is our Khaleesi really going to give up her largest dragon? And there is an even more interesting question in the mix. Is she really going to give up her Dothraki women?

game of thrones wolf bread

Delicious wolf bread from Hot Pie. Eat the tail first.

Do you think Hot Pie’s wolf bread was really all that good?

Have you ever seen any uninterested woman deal with an insistent man better than we saw Melisandre handle Stannis? I surely have not. Smooth moves, fire bitch.

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Trivia: What song was at the end? “The Bear, The Bear, and the Maiden Faire” by The Hold Steady.