I will be discussing the three storylines that captivated me the most from the season 3 premiere of Game of Thrones.


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This first episode really only made me excited to eagerly dive into the rest. The series is as addictive as apple-flavored Jolly Ranchers lollipops.

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Sansa Stark

She’s such a difficult character, this one. I started out the series wanting to like her, but quickly saw she was an angsty, spoiled little teen who hadn’t learned enough about life yet. She’s had it tough the past year, although arguably easier than Arya has.

Sansa is trapped. And I can only imagine the anxiety she feels about her situation. She is never even sure if her sister is alive. And even she was never so heartless as to not care about that sort of thing.

Littlefinger says he will try to help Sansa escape King’s Landing. But I seem to remember him being about as trustworthy as Homer Simpson with a box of donuts. Even Littlefinger’s assistant suggested that he may not have Sansa’s best interests at heart. I am curious to see what will happen with her story.

As an added note, her dress in this episode was beautiful. And at first, I really liked seeing her sitting with her lady’s maid, away from harm and clearly not too troubled. She even is creative enough to make up a game about guessing where ships are going (the equivalent of people watching.) But my over-saturated mind can’t help but realize how bored I would be if all I could do for entertainment is sit on a dock and watch ships all day long. Can you imagine how bored you’d be? Or…perhaps having less to do might even help a mind calm down and be focused. What do you think? Are we better off now, or do you think we should all slow down and just sit outside more often? (Without our iPhones in our hands.)

Margaery Tyrell

Here is where I admit I am probably far too typical a girl to be so allured by this character. Natalie Dormer is gorgeous, yes… but there’s something about the way she makes Margaery float as she walks, and twirl and appear so effortlessly youthful. When around the children, she gets down to their level – literally. She’s not too proud to dirty her dress. And then, when she is in the company of the royals who will always inevitably be judging her, she stands with her shoulders regally held back, her face open and warm and even a bit challenging. She will not be walked on, no way. I have seen Dormer in other projects, and I feel like these movements are incredibly specific to this character, and she must have made these choices very purposefully. That I picked up on clearly means I’m a genius at observation. Or, okay, I guess it always means she’s just really good at her job. (Can’t we both share the win? Psh.)

The idea of her being a sort of princess of the people is equally charming. I can only hope that if I were in that sort of position I’d find a way to do something like that, as well.

Rather than want to gang up with his Mother and punish/mock his future bride, Joffrey seems eager to impress her. I think Margaery can handle Cersei, what do you think?

Daenerys Targaryen

Like many of you, I adore Daenerys. One of my specific-fascinations is how cool she looked with her hair braided in many strands and pulled back, her claw-based necklaces, and her ocean blue traveling dress. She manages to dress in a manner that walks the line of beautiful and deadly. And that’s always appealing.

And hey, a dragon! Those are pretty cool, obviously. (And it’s cool that they’re so bonded to her that they can fly off and then back to her. I’m such a worrier…I’d try to microchip them in case they got lost.)

I’m also glad whenever we are reminded of her compassion. As a leader, she’d never be unkind.
So, what did you think of the premiere? Is Sansa doomed? Will Daenery’s heart ever harden? Do you think we should practice braiding our hair in cool ways to be like Margaery and all the other cool gals? Photo: HBO.