Game of Thrones quotes from the season 2 episode, “Garden of Bones.”

game of thrones

The horses seem a little spooked to you?
They’re horses. They get spooked by their own shadows. – Game of Thrones season 2 Quotes

Do you hear that?
There’s something out there. – Game of Thrones Quotes

If war were arithmetic, the mathematics will rule the world. – Littlefinger Quotes

Leave her face. I like her pretty. – Joffrey

Lady Stark. You may survive us yet. – Game of Thrones Tyrion Quotes

And who would you have me be loyal to? – Littlefinger

Cleaner ways don’t win wars. – Posted by Small Screen Scoop

A man without friends is a man without power. – Renley Game of Thrones Quotes

I am one of the Thirteen, and I am still speaking.

The good act does not wash out the bad. Nor the bad the good. – Game of Thrones season 2 Quotes

A man is good or he is evil. – Melisandre Quotes

Shadows cannot live in the dark. They are servants of light. The children of fire. And the brighter the flame, the darker they are – Melisandre Quotes

In my family we say ‘a naked man has few secrets. A flayed man none.’ – Game of Thrones Quotes season 2

Game of Thrones pics courtesy of HBO.