Are giants coming to our show? Below is a Game of Thrones review for season 2 episode 3, “What is Dead May Never Die.”

Good Eats or an Unconventional Adoption Program??

Hannah Murray was back! Save her, guys! She’s fragile and beautiful and stuff! (Skins series 1 was better than anything.) I love that tiny insertion of real romance into this show, because mostly we have sex and hate.

I want to know, nay, demand to know – what happens to those children? Either they’re eaten or they become adopted and join the ranks of the wildlings. Which is it?

Little Known Trivia

I can listen to Glee covers (“What doesn’t kill you nah nah nah nah don’t know the wooo-oords….”) while writing Game of Thrones reviews and spoilers. Speaking of. Natural segue time! Did you see our spoiler piece? Did you think it was accurate?

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Magic is Real

Bran has odd dreams and he often is seeing seeing what those wolves will see. So is he magical? We already know there are dragons. So when we’re told that dragons, giants and children of the forest are all gone – does it mean they are all possible? Are children of the forest the Wildlings or what?

Takes a Bitch to Know a Bitch

Just when I’m starting to feel bad for Sansa, she takes out her bad mood (which, yes, is justified) on her new handmaiden. I think she realized it was wrong, but her uppity upness really makes me think she has more in common with Cersei than she thinks.

The Gorgeousness

Fightong on the beach, with fog. natalie dormer’s majorie char.Margaery Tyrell. the dress of blue and gren so elegant.

Don’t Call her a Lady

Lady Brienne’s intrigues me because she’s unique in a cast of already unique characters.

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Making a Safe Bet

Tyrion made a very safe bet in knowing he’d be betrayed. Best to find it out fast. And his plan was very smart.  I really enjoyed seeing that play out. I was also incredibly shocked by how upset and protective Cersei was about her daughter. You’d think she’d treat Sansa better, right?

Arya on the Run

Does Arya have powers like Bran? By “seeing things” does she just mean nightmares in general, or the kind her brother has? It’s possbile I’m reading too much into that. Red herring?

Game of Thrones Review Season 2 “What is Dead May Never Die” – Photos: HBO