Game of Thrones isn’t just a TV show. It’s an event. And we all have front row seats to this war.

game of thrones season 2

Joffrey: King of Kings (Not really)

The two words not recommended you say to him are, “you can’t.” Like a child would feel, this phrase only increases his desire to do the opposite of what you say. He’s not even the legal king, and he’s certainly not a very good one. While a war is going on, he sits around to play at being king, loving to make Sansa and others suffer. We can only hope something bad will happen to him along the line. That may not be a very nice sentiment, but he’s not exactly a very nice character.

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I was very interested by the comet in the sky. We were given many possible meanings for it – does it signify blood, or a win for a certain side? I think it means dragons. Obviously I know dragons are around, but I do think that is what the comet meats. It might also be about the zombie like creatures in the woods ready to rise up and eat people.


They don’t know much about the dragons. So we’re looking forward to learning about them alongside Daenery’s. When it was mentioned that they possibly eat meat, I wondered if it meant human meat. Spoiler alert: I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

Daenery’s is an inspiring leader. Her new world is dangerous, but she’s no longer so fragile. Love has made her strong. And that’s kinda (or majorly, psh) beautiful. She would seriously be a great cult leader because she can get these people to follow her anywhere, even though she isn’t technically one of them. To them, she is. Except, I think they hold her in a high higher regard, still.

I found the episode exhilarating (I inched towards the edge of my comfy reclining seat, somehow.) And now that I have devoured this episode, I am so ready for the next delicious chapter of Game of Thrones season 2 – which luckily airs next week on HBO.

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