Don’t you love escaping into this world? Relive this Game of Thrones episode, “The Night Lands”, once more with us.

game of thrones season 2

Boy / Arya

Will someone eventually turn her in? She made a misstep by finally confessing her secret. Her new friend seems trustworthy, which must mean that he isn’t. Still, they have a fun friendship. And he’s obviously one of the least dumb men in that group to have realized she was a girl. Once he found out she was a lady it was pretty hilarious. “Sorry about that whole cock thing…er…”

Tyrion Commands!

He’s the smartest one on the show, but we haven’t said it enough. He’s smart about Wildlings, he’s smart about threats, he’s smart about everything. We’re glad he’s taking pains to keep himself alive. He’s our favorite, isn’t he yours?

Hannah Murray from Skins

Heads up Skins fans, did you see Cassie aka Hannah Murray in this episode? She plays the pregnant daughter of the creepy man. Even with brunette hair, we couldn’t miss her. She’s incapable of playing a character we don’t love instantly.

Sam and Jon: Bromance

Sam and Jon had plenty of great quotes (especially Sam about farms and polygamy) so don’t forget to visit Small Screen Scoop to read what the bests Game of Thrones season 2 quotes were from this episode.


Can we talk about the head in the bag? She showed great strength in touching it and helping his…wife, friend, lover, whoever that was. When we first saw the horse arrive we thought there was water in the bag, not blood. Oops.


Do those male babies get sacrificed to the wildlings?

What was your favorite scene in Game of Thrones “The Night Lands”?