Your complete guide to Game of Thrones quotes for season 2.

Wildlings serve crueler Gods than you and I.

Brienne’s enough, I’m no lady. – Brienne Quotes

A very small man, can cast a very large shadow. – Game of Thrones Quotes season 2

We have other wars to fight. Out there. Like it or not.

So something took that child? – Game of Thrones Jon Snow Quotes
Whatever it was, I daresay you’ll see it again.

What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger. – Game of Thrones quotes season 2

I’m not giving it away. I’m giving it to you. – Game of Thrones season 2 quotes

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What boy doesn’t secretly wish for special powers to lift him out of his dull life? – Small Screen Scoop posted these Game of Thrones quotes.

Maybe magic once was a mighty force in the world. But not anymore. The dragons are gone. The giants are dead. And the children of the forest forgotten.

My son is fighting a war. Not playing at one. –  Catelyn Stark Quotes

Cut off his manhood and feed it to the goats. – Game of Thrones Tyrion Quotes

I’ve always wanted a castle. – Yara Greyjoy Quotes

The seabitch. We thought she’d be perfect for you. – Yara Greyjoy

Ooh. The queen musn’t know. I love conversations that start off that way. – Game of Thrones season 2 quotes