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“That boy has more courage than sense.”

“Another King, how many is that now? Five? I’ve lost count.” – Game of Thrones Cersei quotes

“How do you kill a dead man?”

“It seems a bit greedy for one man, having so many wives.” – Sam

“Wish I grew up on a farm.” – Sam

“You want us to risk our lives for you and you won’t even tell us why.” – Game of Thrones Jon Snow Quotes

“You shouldn’t insult people bigger than you.”
“Then I’d never get to insult anyone.” – Game of Thrones Arya quotes

“I can’t steal her. She’s a person, not a goat.” – Sam

“He’ll call me a whore.”
“I haven’t paid you.”

“Sometimes those with the most power have the least grace.”

“I’m not questioning your honor. I’m denying its’ existence.” Game of Thrones Tyrion quotes

Game of Thrones Quotes Season 2