Though not explosive, this episode moved our stories along…. slowly. Inside is a review of Game of Thrones, “Dark Wings, Dark Words.”

arya stark

Arya Stark in Game of Thrones season 3. Photo; HBO.

Truth be told, this episode wasn’t that exciting for me.  And not just because we didn’t get to see any dragons. So, let’s start off with something I liked in the episode…

Being a Tyrell Woman seems fun

Of course..being a woman of any sort in Westeros wasn’t great. Joffrey reminded us of that as he mentioned who owned Margaery. Not exactly seductive talk coming from your future groom… well, unless you’re into that Fifty Shades of Grey stuff…and even then! Point is, I think sista’s doing pretty well for herself.

Margaery is excellent at manipulation. I feel like we can trust that she’ll be safe. And you know what’s funny? Margaery seems like Joffrey’s babysitter, … pretending to be interested in his cross bow and such… He’s just a little boy who wants to show off his silly toys. All in all, I like the Tyrells (how ’bout that Grandmother?)and I miss Renley. Sigh!


So, Bronn and some other’s have an amazing gift about seeing through animal’s eyes. Ravens. Wolves. Walking. Whatever. It’s hard to be sure what the term is, since I haven’t read the books. They used the phrase a few times… a wolf, or a wall, or a walk…. something.

brienne game of thrones

Brienne, Game of Thrones season 3. Photo: HBO.

Fierce-some Twosome

The story of Jaime and Brienne is…intriguing, though I’d completely forgotten about it. Just when there was nearly a lull, Jaime pulled his escape act. Still, I never doubted in Brienne. And I think Jaime calling her a “great beast of a woman” only fueled her fire to capture him again.

Game of Thrones has a new episode next week on HBO, so make sure to come back to Small Screen Scoop for another review.