Here are the best Game of Thrones quotes from the season 3 episode “Dark Wings, Dark Words.”

natalie dormer game of thrones

Pictured: Joffrey and Margarey. From Game of Thrones season 3. Photo: HBO

And I didn’t ask for these high taxes, son
Bronn: I didn’t ask for dark magic dreams.

Margaery Tyrell: What will Sansa think of us?
Grandmother: She might think we have some wits about us!

She is pretty great
Grandmother: Here, Sansa. Come sit with me. I’m much less boring than these others.

Biggest lie ever
Grandmother: Tell us the truth, no harm will come to you.

No one should forget
Sansa: Joffrey. Joffrey did that. He promised he would be merciful and he cut my father’s head off.

Finally, some truth
Sansa: (On Joffrey) He’s a monster.

She’s too hard on herself

Lady Stark: All this horror that’s come to my family…is all because I couldn’t love a motherless child.

She’s brave, she is
Arya: Leave us be, and I won’t kill you.

Smart advice
Tyrion: I try to know as many people as I can. never know which one you’ll need.

Now she’s outed
The Hound: What in 7 hells are you doing with the Stark bitch?


Some people will always need help. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth helping.

There’s no story so great a drink won’t make it better.