Here you’ll find highlights from the latest Game of Thrones episode, “A Man Without Honor.”

Sansa and the guard in the hallway? We shouldn’t love this moment but we do.
Theirs would be an unlikely love story. He will never be loyal to her, but he’ll always protect her in the name of his duty.

Arya’s talk of dragons was illuminating.
But she might give herself away by revealing how much she has learned.

Cersei and Sansa had an almost sweet talk together.
It was interesting to hear Cersei say that Sansa will love her children, but probably never Joffrey.

“You have to die.”
What an ass, Jamie!

The execution of the Thirteen (technically just the twelve) was horrific but really well planned.
How did none of them sense it was happening?

Game of Thrones Season 2 Review. Photo: HBO