White Collar season 2 continues with “Need to Know.” What’s on dock for this episode? Politics, baby.

WHITE COLLAR — “Need To Know” — Pictured: (center) Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey — Photo by: Will Hart/USA Network

White Collar Exclusive Advance “Need to Know” Review

This episode provides some clarity to the huge shock we saw in the episode “Withdrawal.” And actually, the shock just gets BIGGER.

The focus of this episode is on a dirty politician (is there any other kind?) Neal infiltrates the group.

You will swoon in this episode, and greatly wish you were Diana. And bonus time – we get to learn a lot of Diana’s backstory. And speaking of backstories…Neal shares a Kate anecdote that is both funny and sweet. Everybody now: Awwww.


– You’ll love Mozzie’s weird methods in this episode.

– Dogs Playing Poker, ha!

– Diana has skillz!

– Did Burke really burn all of those photos?

– Neal gets busy in a bedroom.

Funny White Collar Quotes:

“Because when you look at me you see Soap Opera’s and light house work.” (sarcasm!) – Burke

“I can do bad cop.” – Burke
“I’ve seen you do mildly irritating cop.” – Neal

“I finally get to be valedictorian.” – Neal

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do.” – Mozzie (to Burke)

“So that’s a ‘no’ to the champagne bath?” – Neal

“That is really sexy.” – Neal

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