Looks dangerous to me.

Looks dangerous to me.

I thought we’d try a new thing here at Small Screen Scoop: Monday Meta Post. See, on WordPress you can see statistics for you blog. Pageviews, incoming links and what people searched for (in Google, Yahoo, whathaveyou) and ended up at your blog.

One of my search terms from two days ago? “George W. Bush is extremely dangerous.”

Um, what?

First off, my feelings about President Bush aside (and they number many), I don’t believe my TV-centric blog has declared that he is an extremely dangerous person. Secondly, two people found my blog from searching that phrase. Two.

Something else weird? I did a post on July 13th about the 2009 Home Run Derby. The night it aired, the post had a bunch of hits. The next day, it had a few more. In the two weeks since then, it has had barely any. Until today. Between the hours of 3:00 am CDT (when I went to bed) and 10:30 am (when I got up), there were 23 hits. Why have 23 people suddenly glommed on to my Home Run Derby post after two weeks of nothing?