What’s really happening on Pretty Little Liars this week with “Kingdom of the Blind”? We’ll find out.

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We always read between the lines! Here’s how we play this PLL game. In bold, is the text released by ABC Family. And below that? An interpretation of what they’re really saying, and what to expect. We encourage you to play along by commenting with your thoughts.

Two Liars go looking for answers, but it’s the other two ladies who find answers they weren’t expecting, in “Kingdom of the Blind,” an all-new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series, “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, June 19th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

Isn’t that always the way it is? If you aren’t waiting for a call, you get a ring. (Or text.) If you watch a pot of water, it’ll never boil. If you are looking for love, you’ll never find it. Why does life play games like this? And who do you think is looking for answers? One of them has to be Spencer, she’s our resident detective!

With Spencer’s mom now taking Garrett on as a client, Spencer is sure that there is a reason forcing her mother to take on the case. But when she starts questioning, she doesn’t so much learn why her mother took the case as stumble upon a larger Hastings secret. Emily also gets some surprising news about her English exam and fears what those consequences could hold.

Spencer’s mom might be covering for her family… Melissa, Mr. Hastings, maybe even Spencer. And…gasp, another Hastings family secret? We have a feeling they have an endless mountain of them. You’re bound to uncover a few if you stick around long enough!

Meanwhile, Aria agrees to be Jenna’s accompanist in order to keep tabs on her, and Hanna tries to reach out to Lucas.

Newsflash: Aria is going to be majorly creeped out by Jenna, and Jenna will make veiled threats. It always happens! Andi f Hanna is reaching out to Lucas, that means he’s going to be as slippery as…uh, an eel! Those are slippery, right? Can’t say we’ve touched many eels… but you know what we mean! Lucas is suspicious. But is he on the A team? Only time will tell.

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