What’s really going to happen? We’re figuring it out! Pretty Little Liars “Blood Is the New Black” premieres on ABC Family on Tuesday, June 12 at 8/7c.

We always read between the lines! Here’s how we play this PLL game. In bold, is the text released by ABC Family. And below that? An interpretation of what they’re really saying, and what to expect. We encourage you to play along by commenting with your thoughts.

A new “A” player is in town and is determined to show the Liars that he/she means business.

New threats, texts, and creepy messages written in lipstick will begin again! And Hanna and the others are certain to go to Mona with their questions. But they’ll all have to realize that Mona wasn’t the only one involved. Meaning, they need to brace again! They can’t rule out their suspicions of anyone! Paranoia, paranoia…!

After getting a gruesome reminder that “A” is still calling the shots, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to quickly devise a plan on how to deal with this old/new threat and the usual game that has been taken up a notch.

Obviously, something major that can’t be ignored will happen. We think it will be more than just another text from A. Something like that, the girls could be in denial about it.

Spencer and Hanna continue to play with fire as they look for answers, while one of Aria’s past indiscretions becomes fodder for “A’s” game.

Hanna will be trying to interrogate Mona, for sure. And Spencer is a regular ol’ Veronica Mars all the time, so that’ll never change. But we aren’t sure what from Aria’s past will come back to bite her. If it isn’t about Ezra..then what? Will it be something we’ve seen happen on the show, or something from her earlier youth?

Meanwhile, a still very shaky Emily tries to focus on school but could easily be derailed when she remembers a crucial piece from “that night.”

Well, Emily’s going to maybe have hallucinations, or start mixing dreams/reality. We don’t know what she’ll remember, but it’s sure to be upsetting to her. You know what would be the worst? If something from her memory that she recovers actually implicates her and makes her feel guilty.

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