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It’s thankfully not a reality show (we already have Jersey Shore), but it’s described by NBC as “An honest look at the complexity of finding ‘the one,’ and the things one must do to survive along the way.” I’m talking about the new Friends with Benefits TV show. At the core of this series are five friends Ben (Ryan Hansen), Sara (Danneel Harris), Hoon (Ian Reed Kesler), Aaron (Fran Kranz) and Riley (Jessica Lucas) who live in Chicago. It’s a half hour comedy which I think feels more like a drama (because “fun buddies” bring drama!).

Fran Kranz dropped by NBC’s ‘Friends with Benefits’?! Say it isn’t so!

Friends with Benefits – Featurette

A comedy set in Chicago about five single friends who turn to each other for moral and sometimes physical support, as they mine the dating world looking for The One.

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