friday night lights soundtrack 2Finally, one of the TV shows known for having amazing music has released a second soundtrack! Can I hear that again – FINALLY! We wanted it, but we had to wait. But now it’s here so the waiting is DONE. Amen. The Friday Night Lights Original Soundtrack Volume 2 features some of the greatest new bands of the past year, including White Rabbits, Band of Skulls and Avett Brothers. This second volume also has the FNL theme by Snuffy Walden. I know you guys (and me) were really hoping for that.

If ever a Television soundtrack was worth the wait, Friday Night Lights Original Soundtrack Volume 2 fits the bill. I received a copy of the Friday Night Lights Original Television Soundtrack Volume 2, and can report to you guys that it is the perfect mix of triumph and sorrow stored into a perfect compilation of tracks by new musical acts that you will love, even if you think new music can only sound like that weird Ke$ha chick. My Dad tends to like older bands, and he has a lot of vinyl albums – but I let him listen to the CD and he’s actually now hidden it away from me (OH HO HO, yes I noticed!) because he likes it so much. So if you win it, you can put it on you iPod and then impress your Mom or Dad by giving it to them – so selflessly! And they’ll even like it. They may even start watching Friday Night Lights if they hadn’t previously. The only problem there is that you’ll have to start from the beginning with them, but re-watching FNL isn’t so bad, now is it?

Music video for White Rabbits “Percussion Gun” from “It’s Frightening” on tbd Records

Friday Night Lights Vol 2. Original Television Soundtrack

1. Percussion Gun by White Rabbits
2. Sway by The Heartless Bastards
3. Killed Myself When I Was Young by AA Bondy
4. Fire by Augustana
5. Something Good This Way Comes by Jakob Dylan
6. I Know What I Am by Band of Skulls
7. The Meanest Man in the World by John Doe
8. If It’s The Beaches by The Avett Brothers
9. What You Hide by AM
10. Come Thou Fount Every Blessing by Sufjan Stevens
11. This is the Thing by Fink
12. FNL Main Title by Snuffy Walden

Friday Night Lights Soundtrack Vol. 2 “Behind the Music” (3 min) with Jason Katims and Liza Richardson

Friday Night Lights Soundtrack Vol. 2 “Behind the Music” (3 min) from Sideways Media on Vimeo.

fnl soundtrack 2

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The Official Website for the FNL 2 Soundtrack.

Release Date: May 4, 2010 (digital) May 18th, 2010 (in stores)
Total Length: 44:02

Prize: Courtesy of Sideways Media & Scion Music Group, two winners will receive a copy of Friday Night Lights Vol 2. Original Television Soundtrack. List Price: $13.98. They will be autographed by AM, and possibly others.

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