Now that the Friday Night Lights volume 2 soundtrack has been released, I had some questions about it! So, I went straight to the source of the musical creativity and talked to the soundtrack producers Jonathan Miller (click to hear snippets of cool soundtracks) and Jonathan Platt. Make sure to also check out the Friday Night Lights Volume 2 Soundtrack Official Website. I talked with Miller and Platt about the Friday Night Lights theme song finally making its way onto the soundtrack, what might be the best song on the soundtrack, and – if you can believe it –  The Safety Dance!

friday night lights soundtrack 2I imagine that picking the final songs for the soundtrack is a very exhausting and emotional process. How did you go about widdling down your final selections for the Friday Night Lights Vol. 2 Original Television Soundtrack?

Jonathan Platt (JP)- This soundtrack was such a delight to work on as the Producer, Jason Katims and Music Supervsor, Liza Richardson was so passionate about the music. We started with a list of 35 songs and on a consensus basis we chose the 12 songs that we all felt represented the show.

You were allowed to include the magnificent title score in this second soundtrack volume. Can you explain why it couldn’t be on the first volume?

Jonathan Miller (JM)- To be honest I’m not sure why the score never made it on the first volume. We are thrilled that it was included on Volume 2 and I think the fans will also be excited. (Editor’s note: They aka we are!)

Do you lean towards trying to select songs that correlate to the most poignant moments on the show, or songs that can stand on their own as representative of the show in general?

JP – Absolutely – Each song that was selected really embodied the theme of the show. We also looked at what fans were asking for. I really feel this show is so unique as there is such input from our fans on all aspects of the show especially the music.

As someone who is embarrassingly and practically pathologically indecisive, I have to ask if you ever have trouble with heartbreak or regret at not being able to slide in “just one more” song when it comes to composing the soundtrack?

JP – This happens all the time and especially with this soundtrack. We could have easily added another 5-10 tracks. This show uses music in such an important way that helps move the show emotionally and there is so many amazing placements on the show that it would be easy to keep adding tracks. We felt the 12 tracks on the soundtrack really so well together that this makes this soundtrack so special.

If I asked you to name your number one favorite track on the new Friday Night Lights soundtrack, would that be an impossible task?

JP- Too many amazing tracks but if I was to pick one it would have to be the leading track “Percussion Gun” by White Rabbits. We also created a music video with the track featuring footage from the show that I think is so special.

Is there ever a moment you’re not listening to music in your day, or making mental notes about songs that would be great to use on your projects? Do you have to draw a line to balance between your personal passion for music and your work sensibilities, or do they intertwine seamlessly in your life? Is music ever a chore?

friday-night-lightsJM-Yes, I make it a point to try not to listen to an abundant amount of music throughout the day. Unfortunately, there is just no way of avoiding it. I’m at the point when I hear a song I automatically rip it apart and analyze the music and the lyrics. I almost always make a mental note of how each song could work for a soundtrack. Sometimes it is difficult to draw the line to balance between personal and work sensibility. I’m very passionate about music but at the end of the day the bottom line for soundtracks is that you have to be true to the show and it’s fans. Luckily i have had the privilege of working on amazing projects so I can’t remember ever thinking that I was not proud of how a soundtrack turned out.

I have a silly challenge for your musical brain! Which of the following wildcard songs do you think you could most adequately justify including on the Friday Night Lights soundtrack? Song choices: “Kung Fu Fighting” – Carl Douglas and Vivian Hawke, “Rock Lobster” – The B 52’s, “Safety Dance” – Men Without Hats, “Money Changes Everything” – Cyndi Lauper, “Dreaming Of You” – Selena, “Step by Step” – New Kids on the Block.

JM-Wow, this is a tough one! Off the top of my head I think “Safety Dance” would be pretty funny for a bonus track. The fans would either love it or I would be receiving a lot of negative emails from angry fans.

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