friday-night-lightsThe first look at Friday Night Lights season 4 can be found via NBC. This is excellent timing for me, personally, because I literally just finished watching the Friday Night Lights season 3 DVDs two days ago. I’m ready for season 4!

I used to reject watching this show based on my assumption that it was all about football, and since I hate football (sorry, fans!) I just knew that I could never like this show. But once I watched a couple episodes of season one I was drawn into this heartfelt and detailed world of Dillon, Texas.

Quoteable: “I’m more excited for this (season) than any other season I’ve done on the show” – Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins

Make sure to watch to the end of the video to view the full promo.

At a recent promo shoot, the producers and cast reveal some secrets about the new season of FNL.