friday night lights season 4 pictures

If you missed the Friday Night Lights season season 4 premiere on NBC, don’t fret! It’s on and it couldn’t be easier to click, sit back, and watch (or re-watch). I’ve also got a video recap, and two webclips for you guys. Friday Night Lights is as great as ever, making me wish I lived in a dusty Texas town, even though I actually really hate being hot and should probably move up to Canada... But at least I can appreciate Dillon from a distance!(Do not start singing that Bette Midler song “From a Distance” …it’s too late, isn’t it? Sorry.)

Be sure to catch all the highlights from Friday’s exciting season premiere with the two-minute replay and the highlight clip, which has Taylor laying down the law for his new East Dillon program. They learn quickly he’s a no-nonsense guy…You can rewatch the full episode online here. Look ahead to next week too, when Taylor discovers he may have a chance to get a star player at East Dillon to help turn things around.

Two-Minute Replay: East of Dillon (5/07/10)

Get caught up on the season premiere’s episode with NBC’s two-minute replay.

Out of My House

Don’t test Coach Taylor! He may have a new team, but he still has a no-nonsense attitude.

After the Fall

Coach Taylor discovers a loophole that might give East Dillon a winning chance.