Friday Night Lights continues to be the kind of epic TV show that you sometimes have to force people to watch (“football? boring!”) and then they can’t get enough of it. Even my parents are loyal, quasi-addicted followers of FNL, and it’s one of the reasons I can finally respect their TV watching habits. Read on to hear what made the episode stand-out.

The moment that gave us tears last Friday? During the Friday Night Lights episode “In The Bag” it was a double punch to the gut to see Jess encouraging Julie to go answer a question about the first and last Thomas Wolfe novels (“Look Homeward, Angel” and “You Can’t Go Home Again”) and then to see Julie push herself to give a voice to the answer as she was crying on the stage. She had to do it, and it was as hard as anything a human can do – to face something they wish would disappear. Whether you’re a teenager or you’re a Grandmother, no one’s gonna escape life without confronting what makes their hearts break.

Tami couldn’t be more Saintly sometimes. She has her feet on the ground and is never rude even when she’s standing up for herself/someone when people would rather her shut up. I was so glad she got recognition from her peers during a night of Karaoke.

And how about when Riggin bought that dog? The cutest scene was when both of them were in his truck. Be careful, doggie, no one pee’s in Tim’s truck without paying for it!

Now, is my title about underdogs and strays a metaphor or do I just mean the stray dog got a home? ….Isn’t everything a metaphor in some way or another? I’d wager that a heck of a lot of people out there feel like the underdog, and a heck of a lot of people feel like they’re strays with no real place they belong. Friday Night Lights reacts to both with kindness, challenges, and compassion.

If you missed the episode: Watch Friday Night Lights In the Bag online for free.

An episode highlight! Make a Decision: Coach tries to get through to his new quarterback Vince that it’s more than just football he cares about.

Preview for Toilet Bowl! Check out a preview of FNL’s episode, “Toilet Bowl.” Episode synopsis on Wiki: Eric realizes that East Dillon’s problems aren’t only on the field; Julie and Tami take a college trip to Boston; Luke’s injury takes its toll; Riggins makes a decision that could backfire.

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