If you never got into Friday Night Lights before, you’ll have an excellent chance now. ABC Family is airing the show from the very first episode. Beginning on Tuesday, September 7th viewers can catch FNL at 6 pm EST. You won’t be sorry if you add this show to your DVR schedule.

I let two seasons of Friday Night Lights pass by me before I caught up on DVDs. This is an excellent show. If you’re worried it’s all about football – don’t. It’s really not. Trust me. I love this show, and pretty much despise football.

Be prepared to get a massive crush on Taylor Kitch as bad boy Tim Riggins. I was surprised to like him since long-hair on guys isn’t usually my thing.

Above all, this is truly a family show that you will be enriched for inviting into your life. So let go of your tentative plans to check out the series, and just dive in head first.