We all love the Saturday Night Live “Fox & Friends” sketches, and our favorite part has to be the “corrections” moment each time. Below is a list of our all-time favorite corrections.


Popular topics include, of course, anything popular in the news the week this SNL has aired. There is also a lot on: religion, race, animals, Everybody Loves Raymond, foods, words that sound like other words, and celebrities of great fame or with unusual names.

Fox and Friends Corrections List

The similar names of the North Dakota and South Dakota are not a coincidence.

Kentucky Derby losers are not turned into Ikea meatballs.

Transitions lenses do not reverse the gender of your eyes.

The Memphis Grizzlies are not a gay blues band.

Horses do not have “teeth so sharp you wouldn’t believe it.”

Polar bears are rarely “asking for it.”

Scientology was not founded by I Ron Man.

Bangladesh is not an 80s metal band.

Pot pie is legal in every state.

Zero Dark Thirty is not a diet soda.

Burritos are not “male tacos.”

“Psych” is a popular detective show on the USA Network, not a super-secret NASA Mind Experiment.

The California wildfires are not a soccer team.

FEMA is not slang for female.

New York exists outside the mind of Billy Joel.

The “West Memphis Three” is not a jazz quartet.

Lobsters are not “ocean spiders.”

Lena Dunham is not a girl ventriloquist.

Number 2 pencils are not sad that they lost.

Justin Bieber and Anne Frank were not an item.

Croquettes are not female crocodiles.

Cat Fancy is a magazine, not a man/cat dating website.

Kanye West is not an African American vacation destination.

Syria is not Arabic for “serious.”

Force feeding is not how Jedi’s eat.

Even black people love Raymond.

Turtles do not have “tiny TVs and sofa beds” inside their shells.

Zach Braff is not the sound a trumpet makes.

“National Treasure” is a not a documentary even though it feels very real.

Carrying a child in a Baby Bjorn does not cause homosexuality, in the child or the adult.