antm 13

Let’s discuss the girls from last night’s America’s Next Top Model episode, shall we?

  • Ren: I loved her first picture in the hat. Her voice makes me feel exhausted, and her attitude is really depressing. She reminds me of Elyse from cycle 1. Although Ren is much more of a snob. Andre Leon Talley said of Ren’s first photo that she looked like a woodland nymph. But of her SECOND photo? Yea. Things got real, and Nigel said she looked like she was doing an ad for the H1N1 vaccine. (As in, she looked miserable and like crap.) She was in the bottom two for the second photoshoot, but she stayed. I’m sure she still has time to redeem her crappy behavior and rise to the top.
  • Angelea: I don’t like Angelea from what I know of her. But her photos are consistently really good. The first photo she did was of her naked with just pretty shoes on – and it was an amazing photo! I DID want those shoes, btw.
  • Raina: While she can’t stop from looking like Denise Richards, the judges love her. Talley said of her first photo that she reminded him of a courtesan. She didn’t know what that was, but ah well.
  • Gabrielle: She was eliminated first, and I guess that’s okay because I didn’t love her look. But I kind of almost liked her photo. But maybe that’s only because her pants and hair kind of matched and looked pretty in this golden shimmery way.
  • Jessica: She had the best photo of the week. Tyra says she has a natural gift for posing. She lacks edge, though.
  • Naduah: Ah, the former cultist. Gotta have one of those in every good ANTM cycle, right? In her first photo she did badly, and she did even worse in the second one. At the house girls were calling her a pathological liar. What I don’t understand is, if she has SO much experience 1, why did they let her into the competition? 2, why wasn’t she better? She was eliminated second. Thank you, LORD. And why was she eliminated? Because she was TERRIBLE.
  • Alasia: She is loved by Talley, so she gets to stay. She is one of the most interesting, if not irritating, girls. She was in the bottom two for the first photo, but stayed because Talley said he’d put her “raw, beautiful photo” up in his salon. And then we got to hear Tyra try to be all French.

Misc notes:

  • The first photoshoot used items from Custo Barcelona. The photographer was Jonathan Mannion.
  • The girls has a challenge to walk down a runway with two swinging pendulums, wearing amazing gowns from RACHEL ROY! I love Rachel Roy. Her 2010 spring designs were amazing, esp the yellow dress Alexandra wore. (If you want to remember it, just think of who fell twice on the runway.)
  • The people who get involved in ANTM have to be careful. Rachel Roy had picked a challenge winner who would be featured on her website. And then at panel, as a guest judge, the judges remarked how old that girl (who is so forgettable to me that I cannot remember her name at all) photographed. Roy expressed some concern, and Tyra instantly was like “Oh, she’s usually great, don’t worry!” How could Tyra know how anyone “usually” is when it’s only week two?

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