metro-jethroThis here is going to be a review of the new CD/DVD by Jon Reep: Metro Jethro. Who is Jon Reep? Don’t pretend you don’t know! He is the winner of season five: Last Comic Standing. Metro Jethro is Reep’s debut comedy CD/DVD.

What has Reep been doing since winning Last Comic Standing? I don’t think he’s been sleeping, but he’s done a lot else. He was on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” a half-hour special “Comedy Central Presents: Jon Reep,” TBS’s “Pit Stop Comedy, “Raymus” in “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay”, and yes he WAS that hillbilly in the Doge Ram commercials ( “That thing gotta Hemi?”). Note: I don’t even know what ‘hemi’ is!

So, his debut effort is a DVD and CD, packaged together for the same price you’d normally get a CD. You open up the case and you can flip the side up for the blue DVD (the CD version is red). If you’re like me, who routinely makes things harder than they are (I’m working on it, dudes!), you’ll almost break the thing open on the wrong side before you realize all you have to do is flip the flap. Oops!

So, let’s talk about what you’re actually getting in terms of comedy. No point in getting something that isn’t funny! Reep is an entertaining, joyful dude and his routine matches his personality by being comically sunny. His ‘metro jethro’ phrase comes from feeling he’s straddling both his homedown and hollywood. He’d like to have a martini made of moonshine! Most of his comedy is based on his smalltown/hometown. Which means a lot of people can relate.

Like any good comic, he has stellar observational skills and knows how to inform you about his observations in the most hilarious of ways. He talks about fairs and “fair fashion” (and it’s SO true, have you ever been to a fair? People dress so weird), small town people who will fight you if you just touch their car, and why “NASCAR” is a hilarious acronym. He does good impersonations and accents, to boot. I genuinely laughed while watching the DVD.

You can buy Methro Jethro on Amazon, and you canstill WIN a copy of Metro Jethro from Small Screen Scoop!

CD/DVD Track Listing for Metro Jethro:
1. Nake-Etiquette: Rules for Nudity
2. Hickory Head Shake
3. Metro Jethro
4. Small Town-i-tude
5. Property Rights
6. Small Town vs. Big Town
7. The Riffpher (River)
8. The Fair
9. The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR)
10. 2007’s Best Comedian in the World!
11. The Gangs of Marriage
12. The Wedding Dress Disaster
13. My Wife Is A Jedi
14. The Dirty Dishes Demon
15. Bad Dad Decisions
16. David Reep Mows Over a Bee’s Nest
17. David Reep Flashes Betty Reep
18. David Reep Comes Out Of The Closest
19. Cruisin’
20. Metro Jethro (music)

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this to review.