jewel staite One of the shows I became a big fan of on the cusp of my teen years was an ABC  Saturday morning show called “Flash Forward“.  Only I never really remembered the name. I just knew that I wanted to be the main girl (as usual) and I wanted a best friend who lived down the street who was a boy. And obviously he would fall in love with me and we’d marry when we hit age 22.

But the show wasn’t really an ABC show, it was mostly on the Disney Channel. And it disappeared from my life since I didn’t have that channel. But Jewel Staite’s face is very recognizable. So when I became a fan of Firefly and was looking at her IMDB list (because I’m obsessive, it’s cool) I discovered that SHE was the “girl” (read: actress) from the show I’d loved! And being able to solve that mystery feels weirdly satisfying.

And something I just realized now…Tucker from the show was played by actor Ben Foster.

Anyway, there is a NEW Flash Forward show on ABC now. I’m sure you’ve heard of THAT one, it’s the one about black outs and it has John Cho and Joseph Fiennes. But the better show is the original. I want to get it on DVD and watch it in a tree house.

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