Jersey Shore season 3 is providing us with some interesting quotes.

jersey shore season 3

This could be from any episode, Sammi the paranoid wonder knows her thesis statement: “I think he was with a girl.”  – Sammi

Understatement much? “Ronnie kind of has a temper.” – Pauly

Who knew this was the magical phrase to calm everyone down? “I played it wrong.” – Mike The Situation

Is Ron living in Kindergarten? Does he have a sign that says “No Girls Allowed!”? “Mike’s telling me I’m you’re boy, I’ve got you’re back – GUY CODE. The second I turn my back you’re all about the GIRL CODE you f#ckin’ bitch. – Ronnie

Yea. Whatever. “DON’T EVER F#CKIN’ TOUCH MY SHIT!!!!!” – Sammi

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