gleeIt’s monumentally easier for me to decide which actresses I’d like to see on Glee than try to make a list of songs I’d like to hear on Glee. So guess what you’re getting? That’s right, actresses it’d be killer to see performing their little hearts out on the sensational show Glee.

So far, Glee has been lucky enough to have some great guest stars, like Kristin Chenoweth. I bet they’ll have some other great people.

1. Kristen Bell: Is it any wonder why people would want this actress on Glee? Not only is she amazing in every respect, but she can actually sing. You may have heard her singing on Veronica Mars, or maybe in the Reefer Madness musical. KBell has a strong voice and she loves musicals. We bet she’d sign up if they made an offer. If we can’t make a Veronica Mars movie happen, let’s try for this!

Kristen Bell: She has the pipes to rival Lea Michelle!


Kristen Bell singing Fame:

Kristen Bell singing Romeo and Juliet:

Kristen Bell singing One Way or Another:

2. Emma Caulfield: You remember her as Anya (the ex-vengeance demon) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We got to hear her sing in the Buffy musical episode in season 6 (Once More with Feeling) and then again in a flashback to that episode in the season 7 episode Selfless. She may not be a trained singer, but she brings …what’s that word? Oh yea. Moxy! I think she’d prance around powerfully, maybe even in a top hat.



Emma Caufield Singing I’ll Never Tell

Emma Caufield as a singer in I’ve Got a Theory / Bunnies / If We’re Together (She is the one singing about bunnies!)

3. Amanda Seyfried: There was a time when people didn’t recognize her name. But now you know her from movies like Mamma Mia!, Mean Girls and Jennifer’s Body. While she proved her singing credentials in Mamma Mia, we loved her on Veronica Mars first. She’s bubbly and she has a unique look. Let’s book her, pronto!



Amanda Seyfried singing Gimme Gimme Gimme

Amanda Seyfried singing Honey Honey

4. Hayden Panettiere: While I have a friend who calls her ‘Hayden Panerabread’ I have a weakness for liking this actress. She’s cute and fun, dammit! She does have singing experience and has been acting since she was a fetus – she’s a pro! I wouldn’t call her an ‘artist’ when it comes to singing, but give the “cheerleader” a chance – I bet it’ll put a smile on your face.



Hayden Panettiere singing the National Anthem

Hayden Panettiere singing Wake Up Call

5. Mary-Louise Parker: I have no idea if she can sing, but I’m prepared to watch her in anything she chooses to do. She’s a strong lady with spunk.



Mary Louise Parker, not singing but being gorgeous in an equally gorgeous music video called Listen to the Darkside by Charlie Mars

Who are your picks?