Alice in Wonderland

Do you remember? Alice in Wonderland from 1985

I’ve compiled a list of Alice in Wonderland adaptations with youtube videos for you to reference.  I did find the one that I really recall from childhood, yet I still feel there is another I am missing…. (Edit: nope, found it – it’s the 1972 musical version with Fiona Fullerton.)

Because of recent adaptations and interpretations of Alice in Wonderland being made, I thought it was a good chance for us to get all remembery about the past.

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Comment and tell me which adaptation you remember best. I spent half of my afternoon wasting time finding the clips but it doesn’t feel like a lost cause because I was on a hunt to locate certain movies. And I did. So I guess I had the most productive day ever. Take that, guidance counselors of my past!

Alice in Wonderland 1903 on YouTube

The first film version of Alice in Wonderland.

With commentary, because it’s silent.

Alice in Wonderland 1915 on Youtube

The Cheshire cat is bigger than Alice!

Alice talks to the Chesire Cat in this black and white, silent film.

Alice in Wonderland 1933 on Youtube

A very creepy caterpillar!

Alice talks to the caterpillar

Alice in Wonderland 1949 on YouTube

Okay, I’ve never seen this French film. It’s part live-action.

Alice follows the rabbit

Alice in Wonderland 1951 on YouTube

This is the Disney Cartoon.

Alice in Wonderland 1966 on Youtube


Mad Tea Party.

Alice Through the Looking Glass 1966 on Youtube

The opener.

Alice in Wonderland 1972 on Youtube

A brunette Alice!

Alice in Wonderland 1981 on Youtube

It’s a musical with Meryl Streep!

The Mad Tea Party.

Alice in Wonderland 1983 on Youtube

The sets and costumes looks like they were drawn.

Richard Burton Singing A Sitting on a Gate as the White Knight

Alice in Wonderland 1985 Movie on Youtube

Kids of the 80’s will probably recognize this Alice in Wonderland movie.

John Stamos!

Alice sips a potion that makes her grow

Alice Through the Looking Glass 1985

This is my favorite! Yes,  this and the one above are my favorite adaptations, I think. (And they’re a two part series, so really it’s just one.)

Ann Jillian singing as the Red Queen

Alice reads Jabberwocky

Alice Through the Looking glass 1998 on Youtube

With Kate Beckinsale

The Walrus and the Carpeter

Alice in Wonderland movie 1999 on Youtube

The Alice in Wonderland movie with Tina Majorino of Veronica Mars.

Alice grows

Alice at the court of the White Queen

Alice in Wonderland 2008 – SyFy

Read and watch – Jessica reviewed it!

Alice in Wonderland 2010 – Tim Burton

Alice in Wonderland trailer