Let’s talk about who we predict will be the Project Runway season 9 winner. It’s just a matter of simple math, right? Well, weighing the pro’s and con’s for each designer will at least give us an idea of what we can expect. The remaining finalists for Project Runway Season 9 are Anya Ayoung-Chee, Joshua McKinley, Viktor Luna, and Kimberly Goldson.

Anya Ayoung-Chee – She feels pretentious and insincere. Yes, it’s a little bit heartbreaking to see that others who have had this dream all of their life have been booted while Anya, who has only begun to sew, stays. But Anya has good taste. She has good instincts. She’s a designer. And that’s why she does deserve a spot at fashion week. But is she ready? Who knows.

Strengths: The judges love her, she understands prints.

Weaknesses: Lack of experience, can come across as cold, she’s still finding herself in the fashion world

Joshua McKinley – He’s flamboyant, overly emotional, quick to get flustered, and his level of taste is horrendous. At this point, even his voice annoys me.

Strengths: He’s not afraid of color

Weaknesses: He doesn’t know how to edit his work, he’s very argumentative

Viktor Luna – He can do high fashion and more commercial apparel. He’s showing a more cut-throat personality, but it’s understandable. He’s been looked over a lot, and is the dark horse of this competition.

Strengths: He has good taste and he knows what he’s doing

Weaknesses: His insecurity can make him hostile, he doesn’t take enough risks

Kimberly Goldson – She wants to do city girl glamorous, but you can’t turn awful brocade into a garment every damn time. Her level of taste is highly questionable. I wouldn’t wear anything she’s made except for the white dress in the bird challenge (which she said was very unlike her usual stuff.)

Strengths: She’s determined

Weaknesses: Her sense of style