Honey West with her pet OCELOT

Honey West with her pet OCELOT

Before there was Sydney Bristow  or Veronica Mars, or even the She Spies…there was Honey West. And she may have had a funny name, but she also had a freakin’ pet ocelet. That’s probably not legal and all (if it is…I want one) but I don’t care. IT REMAINS AWESOME.

Actress Anne Francis played Honey, and the show aired on ABC.  She has the distinction of being THE  first LADY detective on primetime TV. But ABC didn’t like the ratings and canceled the series after one season. Francis did win a Golden Globe for playing Honey West, anyway. Aaron Spelling had produced this show, and between 1965 and 1975 he created Charlie’s Angels. We have a lot to thank Honey West for.

In terms of accessories, she had killer ones. Literally. She had: an exploding compact, a garter-belt gas mask, and tear-gas earrings.

The plot: After the death of her father, sexy Honey West took over his high-tech private detective firm, assisted by rugged Sam Bolt and her pet ocelot Bruce.

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