felicity castOn the heels of an appearance of Amanda Foreman on PARENTHOOD, came the news that Keri Russell has joined the WILDE KINGDOM pilot. Which got me thinking that I don’t know where the rest of the cast is. So it’s time for a class reunion. Minus the booze.

In 1998 Keri Russell was cast as the title character of FELICITY.
What you’ve probably seen her in: Her two biggest movies since then have been WAITRESS and AUGUST RUSH.
What you probably missed: THE GIRL IN THE PARK, a movie for which she was billed fourth and I’ve never even heard of. But it actually looks decent.

Scott Foley played Noel Crane on the show.
What you’ve probably seen him in: He was on THE UNIT for three years, and was recently on COUGAR TOWN. He also had guest spots on SCRUBS and HOUSE M.D.
What you probably missed: The TV movie THE LAST TEMPLAR with Mira Sorvino. Which I did not miss, and it was hysterically bad.

He was Felicity’s dream boy, Ben Covington.
What you’ve probably seen him in: More recently Scott Speedman had a splash in both UNDERWORLD movies.
What you probably missed: The Sarah Polley movie MY LIFE WITHOUT ME, which was really depressing.

Greg Grunberg was Sean Bloomberg on the show, and now he’s everyone’s favorite dude in Hollywood.
What you’ve probably seen him in: He was on ALIAS, HEAD CASE, LOST, and has had a majorĀ  role on HEROES.
What you probably missed: You probably missed HEAD CASE because it got canceled. Why did no one watch?!?

Amanda Foreman was Meghan Rotundi the Wiccan. What you’ve probably seen her in: She was also on ALIAS alongside Grunberg, and in WHAT ABOUT BRIAN. Other TV guest appearances include ER and Private Practice. She was also in STAR TREK.
What you probably missed: Her guest appearance on IN PLAIN SIGHT. And the TV movie MCBRIDE: REQUIEM.

Ian Gomez was Javier!
What you’ve probably seen him in: He’s had a string of guest appearances on shows like MY BOYS, HEROES, LOST, REBA, HEAD CASE, REAPER… and now he’s on COUGAR TOWN.
What you probably missed: I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY which is a sequel to MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, or something.

Rob Benedict was the annoying Richard Coad.
What you’ve probably seen him in: Fans now love him as Chuck Shurley on SUPERNATURAL. He was also on HEAD CASE and had guest spots on shows like HOUSE.
What you probably missed: The very bad movie SEX AND DEATH 101…how did I manage to see all of this bad stuff?

Amy Jo Johnson was Julie Emrick, Felicity’s first new friend in NYC.
What you’ve probably seen her on: Most recently she’s been on FLASHPOINT.
What you probably missed: Some movie called FATAL TRUST. Which sounds freaking awesome. …That’s why I watch so many bad movies, huh? But you probably also missed her in the TV movie (pre Felicity) PERFECT BODY, which is so bad it’s good.

Tangi Miller was Elena Tyler, with the awesome outfits and the grumpy Dad.
What you’ve probably seen her in: Honestly, maybe nothing. Uh, she was a voice in an episode of KIM POSSIBLE.
What you probably missed: It’s hard to pick between THE TWILIGHT ZONE, LIVING WITH FRAN and LEPRECHAUN: BACK 2 THA HOOD

  • J.J. Abrams casts his friends and favorite people in his productions. If you look through all of these people’s IMDB profiles you’ll see most have had at least two roles in projects of his. Even Russell had a two minute moment in Mission Impossible 3.
  • Many of these people were guest stars on HOUSE, which is because HOUSE has lots of guest stars.
  • The most famous? I’d say Greg Grunberg or Keri Russell.