Felicia Day graced Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in a strapless black dress (with feathers, no less) on Friday morning. She walked out to a cover of “Beautiful Day” and the song couldn’t be more appropriate. Having had a chance to interview Ms. Day on several different occasions, I feel especially invested in her.

Jimmy said she smelled very nice and she said, “Oh, did you smell my head?” Indeed he had! And there was a reason her head smelled good. See, she had static-y hair and needed some help.”Like any good internet person I googled about how to get rid of head static.” The answer was  to rub a dryer sheet on her head. Apparently her Twitter feed also confirmed this remedy.

Season 4 of The Guild is out on DVD next week. It’s had 100 million viewers online.  Day also confirmed there will be a season 5 of The Guild, thank the Gods!

Day is going to be in Dragon Age: Redemption, and she sports elf ears. She got to run around the woods, hang out in an inn, and throw daggers. Fallon noted that she basically got to live in a role playing game.

They premiered the Dragon Age: Redemption trailer and it looks kickin’.

Felicia Day is a creative and talented force, so train your eyes on her and be prepared for solid entertainment.

Dragon Age Redemption Trailer:

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