Aria of Pretty Little Liars isn’t the first to ever sport hair feathers, but this stylish character on ABC Family has certainly helped cement the hair feathers trend. Even when I’m not trying to, I stumble across someone wearing one of these fashionable accessories. And the thing is, since they’re feathers, they’re not that expensive. Birds are giving them away for free, ya’ll! (Note: Do not actually attempt to take feathers from a bird, as it’s mean. And do not just pick up feathers you find as they can have diseases.)

In the season 2 episode “My Name is Trouble” Aria’s wearing feathers in her hair again, and that seems to have helped re-invigorate the craze for girls of all ages to find something fluffy for their hair. (Note: frizz is still, sadly, unfashionable. And so my attempt to make my “I slept on wet hair” look work is failing.) Celebrities like Hilary Duff, Kayley Cuoco (in the awesome “Slave Leia PSA” directed by Zachary Levi for The Nerd Machine), Ke$ha and Jennifer Love Hewitt have also embraced this trend. While the character of Aria Montgomery favors natural colored feathers, others like brighter colors. It’s up to you.

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Feathers for Hair, L-R:

From Swell, HERE

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Hair Feathers Clip
From Free People, HERE

Sultra Feather Hair Accents – Blaze
From Sephora, HERE

Feathers for Hair, Clockwise from top right. Handmade:

Synthetic Feather Hair Extensions, 5 Feathers – 16in, with Invisible Clip
From the hair feather company on Etsy, HERE

Feather Hair Clips
From Phat Cat Patch on Etsy, HERE

Feather Hair Extension Starter Kit with 15 Beads 40 FEATHERS 5-8 inches
From Phat Cat Patch on Etsy, HERE

Tribal Raven – Feather Hair Extension
From Peace Frog Designs, HERE

Clip-in Feather Hair Extensions
From Jewel Candy Boutique on Etsy, HERE

How to wear hair feathers:

The easiest way to wear hair feathers is to buy some that clip into your hair. (You’ll generally have options of a snap clip aka alligator clip or a comb clip. Clip it in under your hair, and not at the part.) You can also find some attached to bobby pins. So buy some and get wild! And skip the hair extensions, no need to go to all that trouble.

hair feathers

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Above photos from:

hair feathers

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