In a hilariously awful accident, Macy’s has spoiled the finale of Fashion Star by showcasing the winner in a banner on their page (now taken down.) Here we have NBC and Macy’s, two big names… and they really screwed up their finale.  Of course, not too many people care about who wins, anyway. (No, NBC, that isn’t a good thing for you.)


The ratings for the series have been bad, and we do not yet know if it will be renewed for another season.

The finalists on fashion star were:

Daniel Silverstein – Artistic, but not solid enough for the win.

Cassandra Hobbins – Her consistently ugly personality matched her ugly clothing.

Hunter Bell– Stylish, talented, and not without some flaws. She was the only one I was prepared to be happy about winning. I’ve liked her through the entire Fashion Star competition.


And the Fashion Star season 2 winner is… Hunter Bell.


Do you hope the series is renewed for a third season by NBC?