It’s like the home shopping network. But more fun.

They’ve tried to make it a fast fashion reality show, more like American Idol than a Project Runway. Did it work? Sure it did! I like certain fast food items, and getting everything I love about the judging that PR does in a faster format works for me. (Not that I’d give up PR, I also like seeing the entire process.) The show focuses on the performance (or runway) like Idol. You get a brief background, but nothing like watching them work on Project Runway.

There are three mentors. Jessica Simpson is not the smartest cookie, but American adores her and her style offerings. Nicole Richie is fashionable, although not all of her risks pay off that well. John Varvatos is … quiet. But smart. He’s very smart.

In this episode, there were three buyers that could bid. They were from: Macys, H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue. I would categorize these as “Everyday people,” “Hipster Teens,” and “Fashionistas.” There’s overlap, of course.

Lizzie Parker – Dress

Saks bid $50,000 and Macy’s bid $60,000.

Kara Laricks – Collar and tie

Jayma Mays character on Glee (Emma Pillsbury!) would wear one of the versions of these with a dress, I guess. But in general, I didn’t like these. And Kara didn’t design the clothes she put out. That was dumb. She got no bids.

Nzimiro Oputa – Sports Jacket

It wasn’t original, but yes, it was good. At least he did do good styling. H&M bid $50,000.

Oscar Fiero – Butterfly Dresses

The fabrics were cheap and the design was tasteless and too tight. Besides, someone like JWOWW won’t wear something that doesn’t show off her cleavage, so who will buy these? Like JSimp, I only liked the sequin one. Just because he’s suffered hardships doesn’t mean he’s talented. There were no offers on his items.

Nikki Poulos – Kimono Caftan

Did Whitney Port do these? Heh. I thought these were fun but the matching headscarves were awful. The one pattern was see-through, the others made me wonder if she understood pattern proportion. Macy’s made an offer of $50,000.

Barbara Bales – Skirt and Top

Bales was wearing amazing long silver earrings. The pockets on her skirt were not placed well. No one wants to accentuate their hips. This felt like something an older Mom would wear. Coldwater Creek wouldn’t have offered her a bit, either.

Nicholas Bowes – Leather Jacket

No bids. He is sexist. No one would want to bid from him after that awful personality.

Sarah Parrott – Sexy Shift Dress

Her styling was wonderful. But the cut-outs on the back were too big. I liked her personality, I even liked what she wore on the stage. The blue dress was my favorite. Jessica Simpson loved her dresses. She got an $80,000 offer from H&M, which made her cry.

Ross Bennett – Blouse and wide leg pants

I’m not sure about all of the color pairings he used. The pants were too big. Although he said he was good at tailoring, it seemed he was not. I did like the cut of those blouses. But nothing was incredibly special or unique. His personality was cute, at least. Predictably, he got no offers.

Fashion Star Review Notes:

  • Jessica Simpson dumb quote of the night: “Not a little bit, a lot a bit.” Ugh.
  • Personality mattered.
  • What the mentors say really influences the buyers. If Jessica Simpson says she loves something, a buyer can be influenced instantly.
  • The show is using big music hits that cost tons to use, which is surprising. They have that much money?

Songs on Fashion Star / Fashion Star Music:

Bulletproof – Roux
Let it Rock – Kevin Rudolph
Fashion – Lady Gaga
My Angel is a Centerfold

Nicholas, Oscar and Kara were the bottom three. The mentors saved Oscar. Nicholas was eliminated. Boom. Goodbye.

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