The  biggest reason Fashion Star makes me wary because it refers to Jessica Simpson as a “fashion icon.”

This episode (Fashion Star week 4) asked the remaining designers to create a high end and low end look of the same basic idea. Most of the designers had no idea what that meant, and certainly no clue of how to do it.  Luckily, two of my three top designers sold both of their looks.

Orly Shani had two great ideas for trouser pants that were more twofers (she’s a genius at convertible clothing), but they were so disparate that it was hard to see them as a unified idea. It was surprising that neither of the pants were bid upon, however. Shani is the strongest competitor.

One of my other favorites, Sarah Parrott, created structured dresses and she understood exactly how to create a high end and low end look. Both of her dresses were bid upon, and with good reason.

My final favorite, Kara Laricks, also sold her tuxedo jackets. Laricks was the other designer who understood what it meant to take one idea and present a high end/low end look. She sold both of her looks.

Those are my top three picks for Fashion Star winner, who are yours?

Photo: NBC