Did you know Jessica Simpson isn’t a fan of hoochie dresses?

Click! FASHION STAR recap – Why Week 2 Was Rudely Rushed

Fashion Star eliminated Oscar Fierro this Tuesday in the second episode of NBC’s new fashion reality show.
The celebrity mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos were not impressed by what Oscar Fierro showed on the runway. And it was a particularly strong blow when they had saved them last week, hoping he’d stray from the partywear he presented the first time. But he didn’t.

Simpson confessed, “As far as the looks on the runway tonight, I’m not over the moon about it.” Which is a nice way of saying she essentially hated it.

“You know last week when we saved you, we really thought that there was something much deeper in there. I’m very disappointed. Those dresses, they’re like 4AM… and they’re hoochie,” Varvatos said.

“Well, there is a customer [for this] out there,” Fierro exclaimed. “I’m not saying I’m designing for hoochie, but there is a customer out there who wants to take sexy into another level. That is who I am — if I have a little hoochie in me, I’m going to bring it out,” Fierro followed up with. “And if there are hoochies watching at home right now, [here’s] a shoutout to them!”

It was not a surprise when Fierro did not recieve bids from Macy’s, H&M or Saks. When it came down to elimination, he was found lacking and well, sent packing.

Fashion star week 2.