Seriously, how could you not vote off the woman wearing a mumu?

Another episode of Fashion Star aired last week and it made us come to some serious conclusions.

First off, Kara Laricks is an amazing person. If she doesn’t win, she should. And she’s going to do fabulously.

Barbara Bales never stood a chance at winning, but she really went for broke when she invoked her “I had breast cancer” sob story as a reason why the buyers should rethink their opinions on her. Yea, we definitely rethought our opinions, Bales. Before she thought you were a tasteless designer. Now we think you’re a tasteless designer with no likeability.

Orly Shani and Sarah Parrott look vaugley alike (pretty brunettes around 30) and both like to do two-for-one’s. (Jessica Simpson clearly thinks she invented the twofer.) Only one of them can win, but will either of them go home with gold? Both sometimes have moody, bad tempers. And while Orly looked like she was going to win early on, have the judges and buyers changed their minds on her? If we had to place our bets on just one, we’d go with Shani. She’s more of an artist.

Other designers like Ross Bennett and Ronnie Escalante bore us, even when they make sales.

Nicole Richie has become our favorite judge, while Jessica Simpson both comes across too dumb and too mean.

What did you think of Fashion Star and the items bought by H&M, Macys, and Saks Fifth Avenue?