Week 3 of Fashion Star brought us great sultry summer looks from Orly Shani, and Sarah Parrott.

Orly Shani – Summertime Dress – Sheath Dress with Colorblocking

I loved the navy and lemon version. The pockets were a nice touch. John Varvatos also really liked her fun and flirty dresses. Jessica Simpson loved Orly’s dresses so much she wanted them in all three colors.

Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue both bid. The winner was Saks. Totally called that! Pick up Orly’s dress at Saks!

Barbara Bates – Shirt Dress

She’s designing for an older consumer, and I don’t like it. Nicole Richie loved these, however. “I would be shocked if you did not make a sale,” she said.

No offers.

Ronnie Escalante – Asymmetrical Draped Dress

I don’t like a dress that makes you look heavier than you are. Nicole Richie also felt there was too much fabric.

No offers.

Nikki Poulos – Jumpsuit

These would be hard to wear and they reminded me of the 70’s. John felt the fit was challenging.

Macy’s bid. Dumb move!

Sarah Parrott – Print Maxi Dress

Loved these! So, so much. John didn’t love the prints, though. Jessica loved the dresses like I did.

H&M bid! Sarah’s dress is amazing.

Nzimiro Oputa – Printed shorts

I thought these were nice and would work in J-Crew. I could see Saks buying them, but no one else. Jessica Simpson wants her fiancee to wear these, and she loved them.

H&M bid.

Ross Bennett – Trouser shorts

Macy’s and H&M bid. Macy’s won.

Lisa Vian Hunter – Couture T-shirt

No bids.

Kara Laricks – Tuxedo Pant

Pretty basic and not all together flattering in the gray/tweed. I did like the styling she did. John loved them.

Saks bid.

Lizzie Parker – Sheath Zipper Dress

It was okay in the black, maybe. Nicole was proud that this dress wasn’t so safe. But she didn’t love the dress.

No bids.

Edmond Newton – Maxi Dress

Bad colors, ugly fabrics. Nothing new. Nicole liked the details and the headband styling.

No bids.

Fashion Star Songs / Music:

  • LMFAO – Party Rock
  • Katy Perry – California Girls

Fashion Star Review Notes:

  • Jessica Simpson isn’t very relatable to me because I can tell she’s dumb. Nicole Richie, meanwhile, is amazing.
  • My favorites are Sarah Parrott, Orly Shani and Kara Laricks.
  • Thank god John Varvatos is no longer wearing sunglasses all the time, he’s a human! Who knew?

Bottom Three

Lizzie, Luciana, Edmond

Who was eliminated on Fashion Star?

Lizzie Parker. Her bad attitude probably didn’t help.

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