The best piece of the night was definitely the draped dress by Kara Laricks. The biggest surprise was that Orly Shani had no bids on her cool convertible maxi dress. Let’s recap Fashion Star.

The show felt rushed, editing out so much that we didn’t even get to see the elimination. Simply put, there’s too many designers for the format of this show. But let’s talk about who we did get to see discussed on Fashion Star this week.

Lisa Vian Hunter – Trudy Day Dress

This was not an original design. I liked the black and white print, but not the pink one. Jessica Simpson said this was a good dress for a sorority girl and for her Mom. Macy’s put forth an offer. You can buy this dress at Macy’s tomorrow.

Kara Laricks – Draped Tie Dress

This seemed new and youthful. The styling was a little sloppy. John Varvatos thought this was amazing and that the buyers better by it. H&M and Saks both bid, the latter winning with a bid of $110.000. It was a big bidding war, as a matter of fact. Kara was tearing up, and I really found myself cheering for her. You can buy her dress online tonight or in stores at Saks tomorrow.

Ronnie Escalante – Zip Top

Nicole Richie liked the idea but said the bottoms looked heavy. “It looked like a mouth.”

Ross Bennett – Tailored Bolero Jacket

Who wants to wear that except for Regina Mills on Once Upon a Time? It’s an Evil Queen jacket. The gingham pattern was wrong. But Nicole Richie loved it. No offers for Ross.

Orly Shani – Convertible Maxi Dress

Both she and her model were working’ a braid. I told you guys the Katniss Everdeen braid is gonna be huge, right? I LOVED THIS. Amazing.The styling was awesome. Even if the one skirt was too long. Jessica Simpson loves a twofer, and she loved these. “I’m excited to see what you can do with that next week,” she said. Surprisingly, no offers on this dress. The buyers said there was not a lot of hanger appeal.

Oscar Fierro – Cape Dress

He’s rude and he should have been sent home last week. This dress was too short. Hideous. Was saving Oscar worth it? “I’m not over the moon about it,” Simpson said. But she had a dream about giving birth to him. Which is so weird. Why do we let her out of her bubble? John Varvatos said they were hoochie. And Oscar said there IS a customer out there for hoochie dresses. The buyers said his partywear wasn’t right.

Nzimiro Oputa – Shirt

Everyone bid for him. It was tied between Macy’s and H&M. He had to make a choice of which he wanted to go with. He went with Macy’s.

Lizzie Parker – Blouse with Bat Sleeves

Are you a gypsy who practices Wicca or something? Jessica Simpson didn’t like the muted colors. No offers for Lizzie.

Barbara Bales – Leather Tunic

Varvatos liked the tan tunic. I thought it looked like a waitress uniform in the tan. No offers for Barbara.

Sarah Parrott – Wide Leg Trouser Pants

Those white pants are like what you see in Express but would never wear unless you were Giselle. Nicole Richie really liked the white pants. I was stuck on thinking Sarah seemed bossy. H&M bid.

Nine people were in danger of elimination tonight for not selling their item.

Fashion Star Songs / Music:

  • Enrique Iglesias – I Like It
  • Ke$ha – Blow

Fashion Star Review Notes:

It’s interesting that these are fashion designers, but necessarily people who can sew and do clothing construction. On Project Runway, that’s a no-no. But here, it’s par for the course.
Nicoel Richie won’t stop wearing jewelry on her head.
When we are in episode 2, there is no impact in saying, “a Fashion Star first!” Ugh.

Bottom Three

Oscar Fierro, Ross Bennett (saved by buyers) Lizzie Parker

Who was eliminated on Fashion Star?

Oscar Fierro

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