Nikki Poulos finally stepped up, and three designers channeled Gossip Girl!

For the challenge this week, the Fashion Star buyers wanted to see designs for store windows.  They had to tell a story in their limited space, and within their limited budget. They also had to be paired up!

Barbara Bales and Nikki Poulos: These polar opposites put together a high waist dress and a a. vintage inspired maxi dress Their concept was a photo shoot. By far the maxi dresses were the winner here, especially with the complimentary styling. John Varvatos liked the window very much. Nicole Richie (in a cool fishtail braid) loved Poulos dresses. Varvatos said Bales squandered her opportunity to show her range by keeping the bottom the same in all three looks.

Bales had no offers.

Poulos received an offer from Saks and H&M. The dress went to H&M.

Ronnie Escalante and Luciana Scarabello: This pair has become sweet friends, and they both got bids! Saks bid on her sexy dress. Macy’s and H&M both bid on Ronnie’s sexy dress. The winner of the bid  (after a bidding wore broke out!) was Macy’s.

Ross Bennett, Sarah Parrott and Orly Shani: As they all love Gossip Girl, they were heavily bonded. (We hope they like Dair!) Ross made a sexy vest, Sarah created blazers, and Orly designed shorts.

We didn’t love how Ross styled his vests as it reminded us of the 90’s. Jessica Simpson loved the vests and said she’d wear every one of them. Macy’s agreed and bid on the vests.

Sarah Parrott and her reversible blazer was a perfect twofer. She wowed us. John Varvatos liked the jacket but said it wasn’t a very new idea. She managed to get a bid from H&M.

Orly Shani and her shorts with waist tie were simple but fun. Nicole Richie said “If I was on Gossip Girl I would say WTF…” She also hated the fit, and was confused. She had no bids.

Kara Laricks, Nzimiro Oputa and Edmund: They are like the three amigos. At least until Edmund switched to menswear, which is what Nzimiro does.

Nzimiro did a casual jacket that was pretty basic. Nicole Richie loved these, and has a fond affection for the designer as well. No bids for him.

Edmond Newton did an oxford shirt that was pretty nice, but also very basic. No bids for him.

Kara Laricks did a shirt dress that looked too much like pajamas. Jessica Simpson was surprised to see the green color, and said she loved the dresses. We did not.

The mentors saved Barbara Bales (over Orly?!)

Fashion Star eliminated: Edmond Newton