When it came down to Orly Shani and Edmond Newton, we only had one winner in mind for Fashion Star. Who was it?

Orly Shani – Convertible Mini Skirt

These were cute. I’ve seen this done with shells over bags. I do think maybe the outer shells should be more boardroom and then under it should be more of a party skirt. The way the conversion went, it was the other way around. I liked Orly. Macy’s Saks bid on her skirts. I was surprised that H&M didn’t. Saks won the bid. But the more I think of it, the more I can see a young Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively on Gossip Girl) buying several of these. Of course, much as an average person love a twofer (two for one, or two in one) rich people don’t like that as much… (they like to prove they can buy the two options on their own) which means I’m a bit perplexed Saks bid. (And don’t you love her name?)

Buy it online at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Edmond Newton – Cocktail Dresses

As Nicole Richie said, these were a bit all over the place. I loved the black and white dress but the other two dresses were a little 80’s. I feel like he lucked out with the black/white dress and that it otherwise was very much an unoriginal dress. Macy’s bid and won. In terms of his personality, he seemed like an egotistical jerk! He was concerned about one models breasts, he back-talked to the judges… (It’s called constructive criticism.)

Buy it online at Macy’s.

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