Tonight we know there’s going to be a big upset on Fashion Star via the shocking promo. Do you think this means Hunter Bell is eliminated?

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Who is your Fashion Star?

Catch up on Fashion Star with our recap of last week!

The Challenge Tonight

One piece for a woman, and one piece for a man. Since it’s eight weeks into the competition, it was time for something a little more challenging. Plus, it was four pieces that had to be made instead of two. BRING ON THE HEAT.

Ready for Love

We all know the show has already been canceled, right? But what’s interesting is that Ernesto Arguello is on the show. In one of the recent episodes, Silvia Arguello was there. But, the show thought the girls might recognize her from the Fashion Star promos, so they made her dress up in a disguise. I hardly think this was necessary, as the girls are all so involved in the process…and many are just self-involved in general. But it was nice to see how the girls acted in front of someone they thought didn’t matter. Basically, one of the girls proved she’s a total brat.

What’s for sale?

Cassandra Hobbins – Japan Pant for women, Plaid Pant for men. Both were okay. The fly was interesting. Macy’s bid on the women’s pants. Express bid on the men’s pants.

Silvia Arguello – Asymmetrical top for women, Polo Shirt for men. I liked them both until I saw the women’s top in the second version which was way too…sheer and sparkly and falling off of the model. But in the plain color it was sexy and casual. The judges had the same thoughts. “I’m not feeling the wow,” said John Varvatos. There were no bids on the men’s shirt.  Saks bid on the women’s shirt.

Daniel Silverstein – Denim romper for women,  denim jacket for men. Look. I don’t know who is wearing rompers but I suspect it is people age 18 who shop at Urban Outfitters. I can’t get on board with them, at least not these. Express bid on the men’s jacket and the women’s romper. “Any girl is gonna look amazing in that,” said Erica. But what a lie! What a huge lie. Most females will look horrible in that. If you have small breasts and a small stomach, yes. Even better if you are very tall and have long legs. But that’s describing a model, you know? How many girls out there have those model proportions?

Hunter Bell – Anaorak jacket vest for women, anaorak jacket for men. I was not feeling these. No bids for the men’s piece. No bids on the women’s piece. Wow. That’s hard.

Jesseray Vasquez and Garrett Gerson – Shirt dress for women, shirt jacket for men. The dress was kind of boring. No bid on the jacket for men. All three stores were desperate for the dress, so there was a bidding war.

Bottom two

Hunter and Silvia. My two favorite designers on the entire show. And arguably the two strongest designers on the entire show. That’s heartbreaking. I’m actually very upset right now! Even the other designers were crying, and I think it’s because they knew how crazy it was.

Saks voted to send Hunter home. Ouch. Macy’s voted to send Silvia home. (Ugh, could she be more dramatic?) Express voted to send home Silvia Arguello. I’m a tiny bit relieved. Hunter is nicer. Both are equally talented. But I kind of like Hunter as a person more, and that’s what makes the choice for me.

Fashion Star airs Fridays at 8 pm on NBC. There are only two weeks left until the Fashion Star finale!