It’s time for “your sexiest piece” for our Fashion Star designers. This is week 2 of season 2 (2013) so there’s still plenty of questionable designers around!

fashion star 2013

Now, Heidi Klum on Project Runway is always concerned with how a dress will make a body look. But on Fashion Star? That dress in question had a huge bidding war. All I can do is shrug.

Bring the Sexy

Jessica Simpson wanted her team to know that sexy does not mean “hoochie mama.” (Show, don’t tell, Jess.) John Varvatos wanted his team to get out of their comfort zone. And Nicole Richie? She wanted to remind everyone that she was pretty damn sexy. (I love her, whatever.)

fashion star season 2

Sweat Shop

Unlike on Project Runway, the designers on this show are not creating their own fashions. They have workers who sew for them. Even though most of them seem like they could sew it themselves. Instead, they end up getting bossy and yelling at the people who don’t make eye contact, and nod along without really listening. It’s depressing to watch these people demeaned. What is the point of not having the designers do their own work?


Team Nicole Richie

Priscilla gave us a short, strapless Dream Dress. The peaches n’ cream one was nice, until I realized it had the same cutouts the purple one did. I did not like those cut-out’s at all. There were no offers. Macys said the piece was designed exquisitely but the fabrics were bad.

Johana gave us a sheer maxi dress with a high slit. It came in red and a snakeskin pattern. And it was truly sexy. Macy’s and Express both placed bids. In fact, there was a bit of a bidding war. The winner was Express, though. $88

Daniel gave tight, body contrast dresses with interesting color blocking. Both Express and Macys bid. The win went to Macy’s, who said it was right on trendy for spring. Which is the most used phrase on this show.


Team John Varvatos

Silvia Arguello brought in a draped mini dress in a chartreuse green and white/black/pink that was fabulous. I do worry the dress might look a little dumpy on the thighs if you aren’t careful. Silvia is my favorite, though. Saks gave a bid, though said the colors needed work. It’s being sold for $240.00, and only in the white/black/pink option.

Brandon gave a double flap jacket that looked more preppy than James Bond (the inspiration.) Nicole called it “unavailable sexy.” No bids.

Cassandra gave a sheer midi dress in black and blue, which boasted interesting details. I quite liked it. Saks bid on the piece. Guess what, the blue color was “spot on” for trends for Spring. OYE.

Amber’s open back dress was made in suede and came in white and…white? Oh, taupe. But who wants to wear a sexy TAUPE dress? That’s nutty. Express gave a bid.


Team Jessica Simpson

Hunter gave a mesh ponte dress that had some mesh sheerness to the top. The models wore glasses, which was funny. I guess the look is sexy supermodel. I could take or leave that dress. It’s a tiny bit tacky in black. Saks and Express both placed a bid.

David gave a moto blazer that was basic but nice. It’s definitely the kind of thing you’d buy for your boyfriend, and he’d never, ever wear. He got no bids. Macy’s said it was better for the Fall season.

Garrett and Jesseray did a great job with a basket weave dress that was truly unique. The black option here was incredibly sexy. Although…it also added bulky to the form, which goes against what women want… I think Heidi Klum would have argued about that. Maybe a jersey fabric choice would have helped make it slimmer. But what do I know! They got bids from all three stores.  Macy’s and Express had a bidding war, but Macy’s won.

Tori’s one shoulder dress seemed kind of … tacky and junior. They also didn’t fit right. It was just a mess.

Eliminated on Fashion Star: Tori

I agree with that ousting. What did you guys think?